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Corinthian followed up the over whelming success of the Totti Select 500 released in May 2004, by releasing a further 4 figures at the Corinthian Convention, taking place at Villa Park on the 11th June 2005.

Once again Corinthian chose to use players from Italy’s Serie A, with the four players selected being Fabio Cannavaro in Parma Away 2000/01, Juan Sebastian Veron Parma Home 1998/99, Alvaro Recoba Venezia Away 1998/99 and Zvonimir Boban AC Milan Home 1996/97.


As with the Totti release one year previous, these were given away as free product for money spent with Corinthian, on this occasion collectors attending the convention were given 1 free for ever £50.00 spent. The figures were given away randomly and you cold not choose which figure you received, however I know that if you spent £200, asked nicely and smiled, then you would receive 1 of each figure.


Collectors have sometimes gotten confused as to which kit the Recoba was released in the UK, I can confirm that the one released in the UK is the White Away kit. Corinthian chose the 4 players and felt it fair to release 2 home and 2 away kit figures in the UK and Japan respectively.


Of course only 500 were made of each and rarity is always determined by the popularity of the player, as such it was the Boban who proved the hardest to come by, which I have always attributed to demand for AC Milan figures all over the world and especially in Japan.


A superb collection of figures, however I feel over the years they have been vastly overshadowed by their Japanese release counterparts, which with the ProStars Select 500 Series was quite often the case.


Fabio Cannavaro


Away 2000/01

Cannavaro card.jpg
S500 F VERON.jpg

Juan Sebastian Veron


Home 1998/99

Veron card.jpg
S500 B VERON.jpg
S500 F RECOBA.jpg

Alvaro Recoba


Away 1998/99

Recoba card.jpg
S500 B RECOBA.jpg
S500 F BOBAN.jpg

Zvonimir Boban

AC Milan

Home 1996/97

Boban card.jpg
S500 B BOBAN.jpg
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