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Corinthian had a real issue when trying to finalise the line up for ProStars Series 6, many teams were changing kits or sponsors for the up coming season, along with the usual transfer rumours, made the selection process even more problematic.

Stockists were also adding pressure onto Corinthian to make some of those figures found in the 1999/00 club edition team packs available as single products, as a result Corinthian decided to make a new product, called the 'Classics Window Box'

Initially there were 41 figures packaged into the Classics Window Box, which featured 7 figures each from the Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle United 1999/00 team packs, along with some from Series 1 & 2 secret sachets, and of course the 4 Rangers and 2 Celtic figures which would be exclusive to Series 6.

Each figure came with a collector card, with the Classics Window Box featuring a generic barcode and pack reference.

Corinthian did package other previously released figures into the Classics window box, however no official list was ever produced to validate and detail an exact list, so from a collector's perspective I have never looked beyond those announced in Series 6 as it is very easy to replace the figure and claim it was released in a Classics Window Box.


Classics Window Box

Figure & Collector Card

Generic Barcode

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