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As it would transpire, these figures would form part of the final set of ProStars that Corinthian would create exclusively for the Japanese market, bowing out in style by producing 4 brand new sculpts, with each player being released in home and away kit.

Ramon Diaz is a player who had not been released previously and would not feature again in any Corinthian range. This is a very fine sculpt full of detail and matched by the eye catching kit of Yokohama F.Marinos. Corinthian produced the same amount of blisters as they did for Careca, 3,500 home but just 2,000 away and there were no Platinum Packs made.

Corinthian always sought to ensure any product released in Japan was made available to UK collectors, however due to licencing issues this was not always possible, as was the case here as they were not allowed to sell the Ramon Diaz figures in the UK, as they were in Japan J-League kits and the licence only allowed them to be sold in Japan.

The figures were released in a very eye catching blister pack design, coming with an individually numbered collector card.

JS3 F DIAZ H.jpg

Ramon Diaz

Yokohama F.Marinos

Home 1993/94

JS3 B DIAZ H.jpg
JS3 F DIAZ A.jpg

Ramon Diaz

Yokohama F.Marinos

Away 1993/94

JS3 B DIAZ A.jpg
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