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This figure is one of the rarest Corinthian released as part of the ProStars range, as it had a very unusual method of release.

The figure of Gianluca Vialli in Chelsea away kit was only available by purchasing a Chelsea VHS tape from participating WHSmith stores in the UK. The VHS tape was the Chelsea offiical review of the 1998/99 season, which had Vialli on the front cover, with him being of course player/manager at that time.


The promotion did not run for a prolonged period of time and while a give away figure would seem, at first glance anyway, to be something that would not end up on the rare list, however there are a few factors which have contributed to the rarity of this figure.


One of those being that although the stocks were sent to stores, it would rely on the store staff to ensure that the figure was given away when the correct purchase was made, it seems apparent that very few of the figures ever made it into circulation.


Another reason is more of a myth, it was always rumoured that unused stock of the Vialli was sent back to Corinthian and had to be destroyed, I am never one to take accept such stories, however given the fact that you perhaps see one a year for sale, that myth does appear to be very plausible, as if stock was not destroyed then they would have ended up in the hands of collectors by other means, and it is clear that is not the case.


The Vialli was available in a clear sachet, however no collector card was produced.


Gianluca Vialli


Away 1998/99

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