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The 2007 Corinthian Convention took place at Villa Park on the 2nd June, and was once again chosen as the day to release the next wave of Select 500 figures to the UK market.


Corinthian reverted back to using players from Italy’s Serie A for the Select 500 range. The Select 500 range was highly collectable in Japan, so Corinthian had to tailor their UK releases to appeal to those collectors in the Far East, which the 2006 releases did not really do.


The 4 released at the Convention were much more astute choices and collectors scrambled to get their hands on them!

The 4 chosen for release were:

  • Roberto Baggio AC Milan 3rd 96/97

  • Franco Baresi AC Milan Champions League Away 96/97

  • Paolo Maldini AC Milan Away 90/91

  • Dennis Bergkamp Inter Milan Home 93/94


Corinthian once again gave 1 Select 500 away FREE for every £50.00 spent at the Convention in one shop, with many collectors hoping they would be lucky enough to receive a Baggio.


This set of Select 500’s were instantly more collectable than their 2006 counterparts, with interest been very heavily felt in the Far East, especially for the Baggio of course.


The prices were slightly inflated upon initial release, due to high demand but they have certainly appreciated in value and although they are not as rare as the Japan release ones, they are still ranked amongst some of the hardest to find figures.


A very nice set of figures and further proof that you could not just release any old player in the Select 500 range and expect it to be a sell out, you needed the right player and Corinthian got it spot on with this release.

S5000 F BAGGIO.jpg

Roberto Baggio

AC Milan

Third 1996/97

Baggio card.jpg
S500 B BAGGIO.jpg
S500 F BARESI.jpg

Franco Baresi

AC Milan

Champions League Away 1996/97

Baresi card.jpg
S500 B BARESI.jpg
S500 F MALDINI.jpg

Paolo Maldini

AC Milan

Away 1990/91

Maldini card.jpg
S500 B MALDINI.jpg

Dennis Bergkamp

Inter Milan

Home 1993/94

Bergkamp card.jpg
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